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Decorative Mainz Gladius, Red

  • Masterfully Crafted in Spain
  • Ornate Hilt and Sheath
  • Antiqued Metal Alloy Used for Blade
  • Waisted Blade Has Fuller and Decorative Line Etches
  • Sheath Engraved with Roman Eagle, Standard Bearer and More
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Roman Gladius, Tribune

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The Mainz Gladius was, chronologically, in between the Gladius Hispaniensis and the Pompeii Gladius. Geographically, it was often found in between the ribs of Carthaginians or other opponents of the Rome.

This is one of the most attractive decorative gladiuses that we carry. Very similar in appearance and style to the Gladius Decimus that we also carry. Like the Decimus, it's a handsome wash of brass and wood-styling, alloy and leather. Although the sword boasts loads of fancy engravings and designs, the focal point is the dark metal blade. It features a waisted design, meaning that it tapers slightly toward the center (which is the opposite of my own personal physique), then flares outward again. This supposedly would have allowed the sword to slide deeply into a body, using the momentum created by the Famed "V" tip. The blade, made from a weathered, antiqued metal alloy, features six thin fuller lines that follow the sword's taper and join near tip, echoing the vicious "V" that made this sword so good for thrusting.

Unlike the Decimus, the pommel and guard of this sword are mode from an ornately etched brass. The gorgeous patterns feature ivy and laurel and, of course, the Proud eagles of the Roman Empire.

Just as stunning as the sword is the sheath. It features ornate brass throat and tip plates, both carved with scenes of Roman Glory. The throat bears an image of Emperor Augustus, Caesar's Nephew, seated on a throne, surrounded by the avatars of War and Victory; General Tiberius stands before him, having just achieved victory in the Alpine victory of 16 B.C.E., and offering a gift to the emperor. This scene is from an actual gladius that was unearthed in Britain and now sits in the British Museum of London. The tip of the sheath is engraved with a Roman Standard bearer (an "Aquilifer" for those of you in the local Latin club), and a Roman Eagle. The sheath has a pair of stylish brass belt hoops which make it insanely easy to don.

This is purely a decorative sword, but one of the nicest galdiuses we've seen. Great for display, better for costumes or uniforms.

Overall Length: 28"
Weight: 3lbs 11oz
Handle Length: 7 3/4"
Blade Length: 20 1/4"
Zinc Alloy Blade (unsharpened), Wood and Brass Accents, Gilded Accents on Throat and Tip of Sheath

Roman Gladius  Type III with Double Loop Scabbard
Roman Gladius Type III with Double Loop Scabbard
Tenth Legion Roman Tribune Gladius <BR>With Decorative Sheath
Tenth Legion Roman Tribune Gladius
With Decorative Sheath

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