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Sindarian Premium Command Saber with Carved Wooden Sheath

  • Battle Ready and Fully Functional
  • Sharpened Blade Made of Tempered High Carbon Steel
  • 29 Inches Overall Length
  • Carved Wooden Grip Adorned with Military Brass Elements
  • Includes Beautiful Carved Polished Wooden Sheath
  • A Member of Strongblade's Esterlina Line of Premimum Swords
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The Sindarian is a thing of majesty. A blade for commanders and generals. A sword for those who lead. It is a finely tempered blade, made from the choicest of high-carbon steels and sharpened to a razor edge. To say it is battle-ready is like saying that a formula one car can go fast. This is a masterful weapon, with an imperial design.

The Sindarian is a beautiful blend of steel, hardwood and sculpted brass. The grip is made from a smooth, carved wood, and adorned with military brass elements. Three sweeping lines are chiseled into the blade, making the steel lighter and strengthening the weapon. And making it look even more intimidating and majestic than it already looks.

A gorgeous wooden sheath, carved lovingly and wrapped with woven cords, is included with the sword and completes the stylish look of this military weapon.

This design is based on pre-Spanish-conquest Filipino sword designs. The weapon is hand-made by master smiths and is used by some of the finest martial artists in the world for training and cutting practice. So if you’re looking for a sword that is as lethal as it is regal, then look no further.

Overall Length: 29 in.
Blade Length: 21.5 in.
Blade Width at Widest Point: 2 in.
Sword Weight Without Scabbard: 2.1 lbs.
Blade Material: 5160 high carbon steel hardened between 58-60RC(note due to availability of the steel a comparable steel may be used instead of 5160)

Blade is supplied sharpened standard but,the edge may be removed upon request.


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