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Crescent Moon - Fantasy Stainless Steel Double Balded Battle Axe with Wire Wrapped Handle

  • 21 Inches Overall Length
  • Double Stainless Steel Axe Blade
  • Decorative Wire Wrapped Handle
  • Ornamental Spiked Pommel Design
  • Includes Plaque and Mounting Hardware
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Crescent Moon -Dual Bladed Axe
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This a beautiful and decorative fantasy style battle axe. One of the features that first impressed us about this axe was it's solid design. Weighing a little over 2.75lbs, it is very comfortable to handle. Its heavy enough not to be considered flimsy but light enough to be easy to wield. The dual axe blades are made stainless steel. Although the blades are un-sharpened, they have a false edge which gives them the appearance of a sharpened edge. The overall length of the axe is 21 inches and the distance from the edge of one ax blade to the other is about 8 inches. The finish on the blade is shiny with slightly matted texture. The broad size of the blade make it wonderfully suited for engraving text or graphics.
The handle of this battle axe features an attractive wire wrapped grip which sits between a spiked guard and pommel.
A wall mount hanger is also included with the axe.
Overall Length: 21 inches
Width(blade to blade): 8 inches
Weight: 2.75 inches
Material of Construction(blades): Stainless Steel

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