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Boffer Hand and a Half Sword

  • Boffer One Handed Sword with 6 Inch Handle
  • Classic Black or Chrimson Red
  • Removable Cover
  • Overall Length 48 Inches with 36 Inch Blade
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Bastard Sword. 36in blade. 1in handle. 0.5in Core Black cover
2 In Stock
Bastard Sword. 36in blade. 1in handle. 0.5in Core Red cover
2 In Stock
Black Round Punch Shield 24in diameter - is a closeout item; there are two left at a terrific price!!
1 In Stock
Red Round Punch Shield 24in diameter - is a closeout item; there are two left at a terrific price!!
This item is no longer available.
Leather Viking Helmet

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 days. Please allow an additonal day for engraving or sharpening.
This boffer sword is perfect for two-handed or one-handed fighting if you want to hold a shield. They feature a removable washable cover so go ahead get dirty and go to war.

This is a handsome, hand-crafted reproduction of a knight's hand-and-a-half sword. A perfect sword for sparring. This hand-and-a-half sword can stand up to just about anything you can dish out.

These swords are so much fun! Pair it up with one of the shields and you are all set.
The rope handle makes a great grip to pummel your opponent to his or her (yes... girls play too) knees. Believe me they will scream for mercy unless they own one of these awesome swords themselves.
These swords do come with different colored rope handles as shown in the photo. If you want a specific color please note it on the order or give us a call to see what we have available.
The swords are excellent for LARP clubs or just backyard combat.
Great exercise for kids...gets them off the computer and outside. Don't get us wrong we love the computer games but we all have an inner warrior which loves combat in the great outdoors.
**Please Note: This sword does not meet the minimum length/weight requirements for Belegarth
Overall length: 48 Inches
Blade Length: 36 Inches
Handle Length: 10 Inches
Weight: 1.3 lbs
Core: 0.5 Inch fiberglass
Foam Boffer Footmans Axe
Foam Boffer Footmans Axe
Single Handed Halfling Boffer Sword
Single Handed Halfling Boffer Sword
Leather Viking Spectacle Helmet
Leather Viking Spectacle Helmet

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