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Maximus-Style Spiked Gladiator Helmet Masked Faceplate

  • Made from Stout 18-Gauge High Carbon Steel
  • Based on the Helmet Worn by Russell Crowe in Gladiator
  • A savage spiked crest curls forward from the top of the helmet
  • Smaller Spikes Jut from every side
  • Faceplate Removable
  • Models on Sale
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Maximus-Style Gladiator Helmet
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Black Helmet Stand 5 7/8 x 5 3/4 x 17 Inches
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Museum Quality Laquered Helmet Stand
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In the year 2000, Romans proved more popular than Chinese. That was the year when Ridley Scott's "Gladiator" beat out Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" for the Academy Award, and Gladiator's leading actor, Russell Crowe, took home the award for Best Actor. The awards were well deserved; Gladiator's Maximus character was the best gladiator character since Spartacus. But not even Spartacus wore a helmet as cool as this one.

Although technically not a standard gladiator helmet, this piece most resembles the "cavalry sport" helmets worn by Romans and Romanized Celts. These Life-like armored masks were carved to resemble human faces, and were used both for cavalry training exercises and, early on in Roman history, for battle. Among sons of soldiers, these masks were also used by big brothers to scare the bejeesus out of little brothers by popping out of the latter's closet and screaming while wearing one. (Sure, there's no historical evidence to back this up, but you have to know that sort of thing went on).

This helmet captures the spirit of that one worn by Maximus in his first few gladiatorial combats, when his identity as a fallen Roman general was still a secret. One of the most dramatic scenes in the movie is when he removes it in front of the Emperor Commodus, revealing his identity and declaring his name and rank.

This helmet is made from stout 18-gauge, high carbon steel. Decorative brass finials stud the entire back and top of the helmet, lending it a much more fierce look. A savage spiked crest curls forward from the top of the helmet giving it a truly ferocious profile.

Material: High carbon, 18-gauge steel. Brass Studs.

Includes Liner

Roman Gladius  Type III with Double Loop Scabbard
Roman Gladius Type III with Double Loop Scabbard
Black Lacquer Finish Wood Helmet Stand
Black Lacquer Finish Wood Helmet Stand
Full Size European Great Helm
Full Size European Great Helm

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