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Ready for Battle Bow for Use with LARP Arrows

  • Made of fiberglass - very durable
  • Includes a string
  • Very easy to string
  • Suede wrapped handle
  • Models on Sale
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Model No.
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Ready for Battle Bow Medium, Unstrung: 51 Inches Long, Strung: 46 Inches Long
Out of Stock
Ready for Battle Bow Small, Unstrung: 43 Inches Long, Strung: 38 Inches Long
Out of Stock
LARP Arrows - Round Tip Black Fletching
6 In Stock
LARP Arrows - Round Tip Red Fletching
3 In Stock
LARP Arrows - Round Tip Blue Fletching
20+ In Stock
11oz. Maintenance Silicone Spray for LARP Products

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This is a durable and authentic looking bow that is perfect for LARP. With its light draw weight, this bow will make a safe and fun addition to the game. The Medium Ready for Battle LARP Bow pulls about 24# and is completely made of black fiberglass with a wood grain texture so it fits it perfectly with period themes. The bow can be used by left or right hand shooters and has a nice suede wrapped handle. These also make for great Youth bows.

Use of LARP Arrows are solely at the customers own risk. We advise you do not point or shoot these arrows at people or living animals. Keep out of reach of children. We recommend these arrows for target/practice use only. Do not use on bows that have draw weights heavier than 30 lbs. Since the arrows have a padded tip, they may bounce back after hitting the target so keep a safe distance from the target.

The manufacturer and all distributors cannot be held liable for any personal injury or damage resulting from accidental or intentional shots at humans, living animals, plants or valuable goods and property.
Medium Bow:
Unstrung: 51 Inches Long
Strung: 46 Inches Long

Small Bow:
Unstrung: 43 Inches Long Strung: 38 Inches Long
LARP Arrows - Round Tip, Black, Bue or Red Fletching
LARP Arrows - Round Tip, Black, Bue or Red Fletching

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