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LARP Foam Spartan Shield

  • Strong Latex Coating
  • Made from durable closed celled foam that does not shred
  • Thick and Very Well Padded
  • Beautiful Imitation Spartan Design Shield
  • Rugged and Durable
  • Approximately 27.5 Inches Round
  • Models on Sale
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LARP Foam Spartan Shield 27.5 Inches

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The shield was the most imnportant piece of equipment for a Spartan warrior (or any Greek Hoplite, for that matter). It acted as a wall of defense, a symbol of unity, a gurney for fallen soldiers, and a really, really big plate. (Okay, so it was never used as a big plate. But if the Spartans had ever utilized elephants like the Persians, they would have been all set in the animals' cookware department).

This is a fairly historically accurate LARP reproduction of a spartan shield (Spartans actually used wood shields with brass plating, but those don't last as long, so we figured we'd make it all foam). That Lambda on the front of the shield is in the standard style (it represents a mountain. More specifically, a mountain of bodies that Spartans pile up after every victory and ... Okay my boss actually told me to stop making stuff up or he would pile my body on the unemployment line. Okay, then, the Lambda actually represents the region of Greece that was Sparta and had nothing to do with mountains or bodies. Are you happy, boss? What a grouch.)

The shield is very thick -- well over an inch of padding, so the energy from most blows is absorbed neatly. The thick latex coating over the shield is quite rugged and doesn't show signs of strikes even after extended periods of hardcore battling.

This foam shield is perfect for just about any type of character -- Spartan, Greek warrior, soldier, mercenary, glassblower -- you name it. It's also particularly good for sparring and weapons training (which we do a lot of at the Strongblade warehouse).

It's perfect for Live Action Role Playing, cosplay, Halloween, theatrical use or sparring/weapons training (as I think I mentioned two sentences ago).

Diameter: Approximately 27.5 Inches

Latex weapons do need to be maintained to a certain degree. We offer a Maintenance Silicone that can be purchased separtely in the LARP Accessories section. We recommend you use the Silicone on a regular basis, it is a easy, spray on application. The silicone will keep the coating flexible and make the weapons last much longer. The maintenance silicone protects the coating from drying out, and helps the weapon resist wear and tear.

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