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Licensed 300 King Leonidas Spartan Helmet

  • Solid Steel with Beautiful Weathered Brass Plating
  • Astonshing Attention to Detail; Top Notch Craftsmanship
  • Stylized, Graphic Novel Appearance
  • Fully Wearable -- Comes with Adjustable Leather Liner
  • Includes Handsome Polished Wood Stand with 300 Graphics
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Licensed 300 Spartan Helmet, Leonidas

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No one can say that the blockbuster movie "300" was an amazing visual treat. The movie was astounding to watch. But as hard as Director Zack Snyder tried to stay true to the graphic novel, there's only so much you can do with film. So, the helmets and armor that you saw in movie were fantastic props, but they really weren't 100 percent true to the ones in the original graphic novel. Well, Windlass has just made up for this discrepancy by releasing the King Leonidas Spartan Crested Helmet, an exact copy of the helmet from Frank Miller's graphic novel "300."

This helmet is a magnificent piece of artwork. It's a stylized version of a Spartan helmet, complete with artistic curves and heroic flares. It is the comic book version of King Leonidas' mighty helmet. It is Leonidas as superhero, and we mean that in the best way possible.

This fully wearable helmet is made from steel, with a swirling overcoat of multihued brass that looks a lot like bronze. It is pitted and scarred as a battle helmet should be, and bears the thickest, most impressive horsehair crest that we have ever seen. It also features a cool overhang-neckguard on the back, something notably missing from the movie versions. The helmet itself has a polished, professionally crafted look that you don't get from most of the helmets on the market. It has a very solid, very powerful feel, but retains the small finishing touches that truly show quality; beveled and rolled edges, softened corners and a silky finish on all surfaces.

The inside of the helmet is as luxuriant as the outside. A thin black foamy coating covers the entire inside of the helmet, making for an extremely comfortable fit. A first-rate adjustable black leather liner makes for a snug fit and a leather adjustable chin strap secures the helmet to you noggin.

The helmet comes with an extremely attractive wood display stand, screenprinted with abstract graphics and logo from the graphic novel. This helmet is already getting hard to keep in stock , so grab yours while you can.

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