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Officially Licensed Brass-Plated Steel Spartan Shield

  • Licensed by Frank Miller, Creator of the 300 Graphic Novel
  • Full Size (36-inch Diameter)
  • Rugged Steel Construction With Weathered Brass Plating
  • Durable Leather Grips Black Lining on back for Extra Comfortable Hold
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Officially Licensed Brass-Plated Steel Spartan Shield

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The Spartan Shield was the most important prop in both the movie '300' and Fank Miller's graphic novel, '300,' which inspired the movie. It literally represented Sparta, with the familiar Lambda symbol (upside down V for us Americans) emblazoned boldly across its face.

This shield is the only licensed, authorized metal shield from the 300 Graphic Novel. It was designed and manufactured help from Frank Miller himself. Needless to say, Frank Miller has wholeheartedly endorsed this shield as the only Spartan Shield that meets his standards.

So, why is Frank Miller so excited about this shield? Well, for starters, it is an exact replica of the shields carried by Leonidas and his 300 in the original graphic novel. It's also one of the only Spartan Sheilds on the market made out of solid steel with a weathered brass plating.

It also features some neat details that make this a much nicer, better crafted shield than most on the market. For example, the rear of the shield is completely lined in a black microfoam coating that makes it wonderfully comfortable to hold, and protects walls if you decide to hang the shield.

The leather handgrips on the back are extremely tough and are bolted securely to the back of the shield. The grips are easy to hold and support the weight of the shield securely.

The face of the shield, as mentioned easlier, features the Lambda symbol, which is represents the geographical area of Greece which is Sparta. A series of bolts rings the shield, giving it a more rugged look and allowing you to make nice bolt-shaped indentations in the foreheads of your enemies when you shield butt them. (editor's note: Strongblade does not condone the use of these shields to shield-butt people in the forehead.) I personally would like to shield-butt our editor in the forehead. (Editor's note: Butt out).

There's lots of unlicensed copies of the shields used in 300 out there. You want to know why they're not licensed? Because they are usually cheap and badly made. Don't disappoint yourself. Grab a licensed shield from the 300 graphic novel and enjoy it for a lifetime.

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