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Adventurer Belt - Thick Leather Medieval belt with Utility Hooks

  • Made in Scandinavia from Rugged Leather
  • Awesome Medieval/Fantasy Styling - Great for Costumes
  • Many Utility Hooks for Hanging Swords, Daggers and Utensils
  • Tough, Double-Tongue Buckle with Reinforced Stitching
  • Models on Sale
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Model No.
Black Belts
Out of Stock
Leather Adventurer Belt with Hooks - Black, Medium, 40 Inches Long
Out of Stock
Leather Adventurer Belt with Hooks - Black-Large,48 Inches Long
Out of Stock
Leather Adventurer Belt with Hooks - Black-XLarge, 55 Inches Long
Brown Belts
Out of Stock
Leather Adventurer Belt with Hooks - Brown, Med,40 Inches Long
1 In Stock
Leather Adventurer Belt with Hooks - Brown, Large,48 Inches Long
Out of Stock
Leather Adventurer Belt with Hooks - Brown, Extra Large,55 Inches Long

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You may think that an adventurer's sword or dagger is his most important piece of equipment, but think again bucko. Without his belt on, an adventurer has only his two hands to keep his equipment up. Wait... that didn't come out right... what I meant to say is, without a great belt, an adventurer has to hold his sword and any package he has in his two hands. Hmm. That's not any better. Well, you get the point. Women adventurers should have no problem with those last two sentences. I hope. Anyway, a belt is really, really important.

This particular belt is perfectly suited for the seasoned adventurer. It's made from a tough, durable, double-stitched leather and features a powerful double-tongue belt buckle (I'm not sure why, but writing that last part of the sentence aroused me a bit). But perhaps the most useful feature of this belt is the series of hanging 'hooks' that ring the belt. These utility hooks are perfect for clipping mugs, daggers, drinking horns, pouches, skulls of former opponents, tree-shaped air fresheners or any other useful item that you can think of (clips not included. Neither are skulls or any other items on the list, but you get the point.)

This belt is available in black or brown. Medium sizes are best for waists under size 37. Large are recommended for waists 37 and larger.

Material: Top-grade, double stiched leather with metal accents and large, double-tongue buckle. Available in Black or Brown, sizes Medium and Large.
Medium is for 31 to 36 inch waist
Large is for 37 to 43 inch waist.
Medium belt has 8 rings and Large has 10 rings

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