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Assassin Leather Bracers - Adjustable Leather Bracers with Crossing Straps

  • A High Quality Pair of Bracers Made in Denmark!
  • Double Stitching on All Surfaces -- No Rivets!
  • High Quality Leather and Top Notch Craftsmanship
  • Criss-Cross Strap Pattern Gives a Suitably Roguish Look
  • Models on Sale
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Assassin Leather Bracers, Medium, Brown, 8.5 Inch Length

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Some people are good at horseshoes. Some are great with puzzles or particulalry good with puppies. Assassins happen to be good at killing people. Oddly, enough, assassins also usually have a very good fashion sense (although their wardrobe variety consists of black, brown and grey only.

These bracers are typical of the style favored by assassins, monks, rogues and even sorcerers. The criss-crossing straps along the front mimic the type of ties that would keep the bracers tight around the wrists; this prevented slippage which might interfere with the delicate operations carried out by the wearer. Waxed leather thongs slip through a series of eyelets underneath to provide the real closure.


The sizing on these bracers indicates the length of the bracer (how much of your forearm they cover). Large bracers are 10 inches long, medium bracers are 8.5 inches long and small are 8 inches long. The circumference of the bracers (how they fit around the arm) is determined by the laces. You can tighten or loosen the laces/straps to customize the fit around your particular forearm size.

Standard Leather Collection

These bracers are a part of our "Standard Leather" collection. These bracers are meant to be affordable while still retaining many of the best features of their ultra high end "LeatherWorks" collection. Craftsmen use a proprietary coloring technique to bring out the highlights of the leather and to apply the richest colors possible. The designs are relatively simple to keep cost down, but the result is still better than most bracers on the market today.

These bracers are years ahead of most of the competition. While others are busy trying to hide rivets and spikes needed to cinch the leather together, our crafters have moved on to bigger and better techniques. They have abandoned these crude, cheap methods for crafting leather goods and have switched to 100% stitched materials. This gives much more authenticity and quality to their materials and is more in keeping with the time-honered techniques of leatherworking.

Each of these bracers is rigorously tested and quality controlled. You will not find more consistently high quality craftsmanship on mass-market leather goods.

Large Length: 10 inches
Medium Length: 8.5 inches
Small Length: 8 inches

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Shadowblade: Rogue's Oak Leaf Dagger with Scabbard
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Leather wrist strap with pewter dragon and rune circle
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