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Affordable Latex Medieval Knight Sword for Youths, or Adult Recreation

  • High Quality, Affordable Latex Sword
  • Soft, Multidensity Foam for Safety and Durability
  • Extra Super-Springy Carbon-Fiber Core
  • Vari-flex Tip Design Prevents Tip Breakage
  • Overall Length - 31 Inches
  • Models on Sale
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Latex Warrior Sword 30 Inches
20+ In Stock
11oz. Maintenance Silicone Spray for LARP Products
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Sword Holder, Black, Right Hand Draw(sword hangs on left side of body)
Out of Stock
Sword Holder, Black, Left Hand Draw(sword hangs on right side of body)

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Don't let the low price on this sword fool you! This sword is a great bargin. It is perfect for children, entry level LARP, theatrical use or for those of you who just love a good sword fight.

This sword is part of a familiy of weapons made for both children and adults. The foam on these is softer than the standard line and the core is more flexible. These swords are still made to astoundingly high standards and are still worlds better than the supposedly high-end lines that many other manufacturers make. It is made from Palnatoke's patented dual-density foam, anchored by their revolutionary rounded fiber core. What's that mean? It means that the thing is astoundingly difficult to break. It also means that the sword has a fantastic spring to it and is as safe as it is powerful. The grip is ergonomic and comfortable, and features a suedette wrap that provides a comfortable, secure grip.

About Strongblade's Paladin Series of Latex Swords and Daggers
In every industry, there is one company that towers above all others. Among weapon vendors, that company of course is Strongblade.com =D. But among makers of latex swords and daggers/foam swords and daggers, the manufacturer of the Paladin family of latex swords is one of the finest in the world. The company, based in Scandanavia, is responsible for pushing the envelope in technology, aesthetics and safety.

Once one of these weapons is designed, it is put through a minimum of six months of testing and refining before it is allowed to hit the market.

Our manufacturer pioneered the use of round carbon-fiber cores in the mass-market, a technology that makes their sword astoundingly strong, flexible and springy. The cores feature special structural reinforcements around pressure areas like the joint between guard and blade. This prevents the weapon from breaking or folding at areas of high stress.

also used is a proprietary multi-density foam. This last, complex sounding sentence means that they use a small layer of dense foam around the core and a larger, softer layer of foam to make the shape of the weapon. This makes for a very safe weapon that can withstand incredible amounts of punishment. These weapons feature another design feature unique to them: A Vari-flex Tip design. This is a design feature in the tip that allows them to bend gradually rather than abruptly. Doing this prevents stress on the tip and makes it almost impossible to cause creasing or weak spots that could lead to breaks.

Our manufacturer uses a revolutionary painting technique on these weapons that is engineered to reflect light exactly as real metal would. The paint is also designed to protect the weapon, providing a strong barrier that stretches slightly with each flex.

If you don't get the idea by now, we're very excited to be offering these weapons. At Strongblade, we prefer to sell the products that we manufacture; this ensures that what we sell is up to our standards. So, when we decide to sell another company's products, its most likely because that company is the best in the industry. This is clearly true of these swords.
Material of Construction: Double-density foam
Overall Length: 31 inches
Blade Length: 24 inches
Blade Width(at thickest point): 2 inches
Depth(height of blade): 1 inch
Weight: 0.4lbs(approx)

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