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Attachable Latex and Clay Horns

  • Realistic Latex Costume Horns
  • Attach with Spirit Gum (Sold Separately) or Other Safe Adhesive
  • Re-usable
  • High Quality
  • Scare the Bejeesus Out of Grandma!
  • Free Shipping
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Model No.
1 In Stock
Bone Demon Horns
Out of Stock
Hobgoblin Horns
3 In Stock
Clay Horns Twisted Black
Out of Stock
Universal Large Horns
2 In Stock
1/8 Ounce Spirit Gum (Will attach 75-100 fake ears)
1 In Stock
1/2 Ounce Spirit Gum
Out of Stock
1 Ounce Spirit Gum
Flesh Latex and Gum Remover
Out of Stock
1 Ounce Flesh Latex - For professional blending and skin effects
Out of Stock
1 Ounce Remover - The easy way to remove adhesive from your skin

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You know that grandma that keeps telling you that you risk your eternal soul if you don't go to church more? Well, we're not condoning nor suggesting anything, but we sell these cool costume horns, and, being nagged about stuff is kind of a drag ...

Okay, that's a little crude. Your granny is probably right about going to church more, so why don't you just use these horns for Halloween, or LARP events, or cosplay or conventions or any other acceptable event. Like answering the door for Jehova's Witnessess. Okay, okay, not cool either, but it's a thought.

The horns are made from rugged latex and can be attached using spirit gum (sold separately) or any other safe costume adhesive. You can re-use the horns, too, ensuring dozens of opportunities to terrorize the mailman or the guy that stands on the corner and preaches about the end of the world.

Attaching: If you are using the spirit gum to fix the horns onto your head, remember that a little spirit gum goes a long way.
False Elf Ears with Adhesive
False Elf Ears with Adhesive
Costume Goblin Nose with Adhesive
Costume Goblin Nose with Adhesive

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