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The Trissis, Gown - Two-Piece Medieval Dress (Inner and Outer)

  • Two Gowns in one!
  • Meticulously Stitched Cotton-Velveteen
  • Wearable Together as One Piece, or Separately.
  • Lined with Satin for Extra Shine
  • Models on Sale
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Trissis Outer,Waist Size 22-25 in., Purple Outer Black Inner

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 business days. Please allow additonal 2 to 5 business days for engraving or sharpening.
This is a non-returnable close out item. When our current inventory is gone, this item will no longer be available.

Don't tell my boss, but I've managed to sneak two dresses into this product page and I've set it up to only charge you for one dress. I could get fired for this, but I figured our customers deserved... oh all right. I'm lying. This is actually one product, but it really is like two dresses in one.

How's that? I hear you ask (yeah, my hearing's THAT good). Well, the Trissis Gown is made up of an inner gown and an outer robe. You can wear them together as one marvellously stylish dress, or wear them individually; the outer dress with a gathered skirt and undershirt of some sort, or the inner dress, which only needs an undershirt to complete.

Both cotton-velveteen gowns offer a fit-and-flare shape with a pleated skirt. The Inner is half-lined with satin and the Outer is fully-lined with satin of various colors so you glitter prettily as you walk.

The white Chemise (undergarment)shown in the image is sold separately and so are the arm guards.!

We don't use the vanity sizing that many stores use (the system where a dress could be a size 5 in one store and the same dress would be a size 3 in another). We actually use exact waist measurements. So, just measure your waist, pick the appropriate dress and be assured of a perfect fit.

Waist sizes: Size A: 22 inch to 25 7/8 inch, Size B: 26 inch to 29 7/8 inch, Size C: 30 inch to 34 inch, Size D: 35 inch to 39 inch, Size E:40 inch to 44 inch, Size F:45 inch to 49 inch. Outer and Inner Colors: Admiral Navy, Jewel Black, Hunter Green, Rouge, Flame Red, Purple.

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