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Scabbard for Anduril and Narsil

  • Fits Anduril or Narsil
  • Antiqued Metal Hardware with 24-Karat Gold Plated Fittings
  • Leather-Wrapped Scabbard and Leather Belt Straps
  • Officially Licensed
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The swords Anduril and Narsil shared the same metal and hilt, so why shouldn't they share the same scabbard?

The only consolation you get when you have to sheath either Narsil or Anduril is that the scabbard is made with the same flawless craftsmanship and attention to detail as the swords themselves. Etched with Elvish runes (Quenya for you of Tolkien's Linguistic Police Force), the scabbard is accented with a 24-karat gold-plated finish and antiqued metal throughout. The runes on the metal plate that runs down the center of the sheath say "Insert Sword here, point down." Okay, we're kidding. The runes actually say "Anduril," which means "Flame of the West."

The sheath that this is reproduced from was created by the kick-butt artists of WETA, the New Zealand company that created most of the weapons and armor for Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It complements the two swords perfectly, with an elvish flare to the collar and tip. Strong leather straps loop the sheath allowing it to be worn without the need for frogs or baldrics.

If you're going to buy Anduril or narsil, why not get the whole package? Buy the scabbard and take the show on the road.

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