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Licensed Frodo's Sword with Plaque (BIlbo's Sword too)

  • Stylish Oak-Leaf Blade of 420 J Stainless Steel
  • Beautiful Runes and Decorations
  • Elvish Vines Engraved Across Blade, Gaurd and Grip
  • Elvish Runes Scrawled Neatly Across Blade
  • Comes with Display Plaque
  • Glows Blue Around Orcs (Find a Real One. Prove Us Wrong
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Official Lord of the Rings Sword - Sting

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One of the more creatively designed sword from the Lord of the Rings movies is Frodo's sword, Sting (yes, I know it was Bilbo's sword first, but if I say that, then I have to mention that there are probably some Noldor in Gondolin that had it before he did, and I'll be damned if I have to pore through every one of Tolkein's books for hours to make sure that their names are not mentioned).

That said, Sting was famous for four things: 1. It's beauty, 2. It's elven pedigree, 3. the fact that it glows blue around orcs, and 4. the superior cutting edge of its blade. (okay, so the first is a bit subjective, but take a look at it. It's gorgeous.).

Designers at WETA did an astounding job coming up with something that looked Elvish, stylish, comfortable, deadly and magical all at the same time. The leaf-shaped blade (made from 420 J stainless steel) is reminiscent of ancient Celtic blades (reinforced by Celtic-style vine patterns throughout). Simple yet graceful metal guards just out solidly from the blade. The metal on these and the arching pommel is antiqued for a more authentic look. The grip would be simple were it not for the vine patterns that spiral across the entire height of it.

What truly makes the sword, though, is the curling, tapered vine that runs from one of the guards all the way to the center of the blade. Elvish runes run along the inside of these vines and lend a mystical quality to the sword. After your arm gets tired of swinging this masterfully crafted sword around, you can hang it on the included decorative display plaque.

Overall Length: 22"
Blade Length: 15"
Blade Thickness: 1/4"
Blade Material: Tempered 420 J2 stainless steel.
Handle Material: Decorated Wood grip.
Antiqued Metal guard and pommel.

Anduril: Sword of King Elessar (Aragorn)
Anduril: Sword of King Elessar (Aragorn)
Lord of the Rings Glamdring, Sword of Gandalf
Lord of the Rings Glamdring, Sword of Gandalf

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