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Medieval Knight Protector's Stage Combat Sword

  • Identical to the Standard Knight Protector, but Modified for Stage Combat
  • Durable Hand-Forged High-Carbon Steel Blade
  • Thick Edges for Blade to Blade Contact
  • Rounded Tip for Safety
  • No-finish metals to Prevent Chipping
  • Full Tang
  • Models on Sale
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Stage Combat Knight Protector Arming Sword
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Belt-Hung Sword Frog
20+ In Stock
Brown Belt-Hung Sword Frog
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Side Hanger Baldric - Small to Large
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Additional Care and Cleaning Kit (All SBA swords come with one standard)

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One of our most popular swords--the Knight Protector--is now available as a stage combat weapon!

How does this version differ from our regular version? Glad you asked, you imaginary customer in my head! This version has thicker edges for strength in blade to blade combat, a rounded tip for extra safety, and non-coated metal fixtures to prevent chipping. It's a little heavier than the original version, but, other than those differences mentioned, it's identical to the beloved knight protector sword. Note--the edges will nick on blade to blade contact, but the sword is built to weather these blows.

The blade on this sword is made is made from tempered high-carbon steel. A central fuller spans the center of the sword, giving strength and reducing weight. The grip is made from hardwood and wrapped in black leather. The perfect item for any performance requiring a medieval sword.

Overall Length: 37.5 Inches
Blade Length: 30 Inches
Blade Material of Construction:Carbon Steel
Weight(sword only): 3.6
Includes leather-wrapped wood scabbard with chromed steel throat and tip.
Black Leather Adjustable Sword Frog with Chromed Buckles
Black Leather Adjustable Sword Frog with Chromed Buckles
Dominus - Knight Crusader Arming Sword
Dominus - Knight Crusader Arming Sword
Medieval Knight Protector's Arming Sword
Medieval Knight Protector's Arming Sword
Warspike Knight's  Hand-and-a-Half(Bastard) Sword
Warspike Knight's Hand-and-a-Half(Bastard) Sword

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Stage Combat - Knight Protector Sword
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Written on:
September 08, 2018
Awesome sword
This was my first sword, it’s awesome. Highly recommend this sword.
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