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Scottish Dirk with Intricate Etching on Blade

  • Beautifully Etched Blade
  • Hand-Carved Wood Grip with Steel Studs
  • Decorated Leather-Wrapped Sheath
  • Models Avaiable with Tempered and Non-Tempered Blades
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Model No.
Dirks with Etched Blades
7 In Stock
Scottish Dagger with Etching on Blade
Dirks without Etched Blades - Engravable
20+ In Stock
Scottish Dagger- With No Etching on Blade
Engrave this item for $20.  Engrave
15 In Stock
Tempered Scottish Dagger- With No Etching on Blade
Engrave this item for $20.  Engrave
15 In Stock
Sharpened, Tempered Scottish Dagger- With No Etching on Blade
Engrave this item for $20.  Engrave

* Stock items ship from Strongblade in 1-3 business days. Please allow additonal 2 to 5 business days for engraving or sharpening.
This beautiful Scottish dirk is patiently hand-crafted and carved. The handle is and hand-notched for artistic accuracy. The humped wooden hilt is carved with intricate spiral patterns and mounted with steel studs for that authentic tough-guy-with-class look. The steel sheath-accents are elaborate and a steel hilt-cap bears the engraving of a Scottish crown.

A variety of models are avaiable depending on blade style. One style features a blade etched with amazingly detailed fleur patterns. We also offer a model without etching on the blade which is ideal if you want to personalize the dirk with a custom engraving. The blades without etching are available in tempered and non-tempered versions.

We've seen a lot of Scottish dirks out there, and most of them are horrendous in quality. The only good dirks we've seen are in the $125 range. We'll hold the quality of this dirk up to even those high-cost ones. Only, we're selling them at a price normal people can afford.

The dagger is tough and quite the looker. Almost looks too good to spar with, but can definitely handle it (as long as the people sparring are fully trained and wearing full protective gear). Also great as an accent for an outfit or just hanging on the wall next to your bagpipe.
Overall Length: 17.5 inches
Blade Length: 11.5 inches
Weight: 16 oz
Material: High Carbon Steel blade; carved wodden grip with steel studs; leather-wrapped wood sheath with steel accents.
Optional tempered blade
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Scottish Dirk (Dagger)
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product rating
Written on:
January 07, 2020
beautiful Dirk
I am very pleased with this decorative piece. Considering the price I find this to be of very good quality and a handsome piece of work. I will wear this with pride at our Scottish events.
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product rating
Albemarle County, VA
Written on:
April 29, 2017
Great Dirk
This dirk was of excellent quality. It was delivered promptly and sharp. I would highly recommend this dirk to anyone. My only suggestion would be to perhaps make the dirk stay in the holster better.
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