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The Sindar Kilij - Scimitar of the Ottoman Empire

  • High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Beautiful Ornamental Brass Guard and Pommel
  • Includes Leather Sheath
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Sindar Kilij - Ottoman Scimitar

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This lethal looking sword is a reproduction of an Ottoman Empire scimitar (more precisely, what is known as a Kilij).The sword is meant almost exclusively as a slashing sword (and what a sword it is). The 18-gauge steel gives it a fantastic heft to it. Hold this sword and you feel you can conquer the world (which is much what the Ottoman warriors thought, come to think of it).

Relatively compact, this kilij is a perfect complement to any exotic costume. The murderous flare at the tip lends a terrifying look to the sword and the leather side-entry sheath looks menacing strapped to anyone's back. Strap two of these on for an even fiercer look.

The high-carbon steel is perfect for light sparring, although the delicate cross would probably not allow intense combat. The Grip is leather-wrapped wood. The cross and pommel are brass and the side-entry sheath is rugged double-stitched leather.

Specs Coming soon!
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Decorative Battle Scimitar with Two-Tone Grip
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