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Medieval Noble Lord Dagger

  • Great Detailing!
  • Ultimate Medieval Dagger
  • Includes Sheath
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This item is no longer available.
Medieval Nobel's Dagger - this item is discontinued

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Medieval Lord's Dagger. 17 5/8" overall. 10 3/4" stainless blade with blood groove. Cast metal handle, guard and pommel. Pommel has simulated red ruby centerpiece with "Earl of Huntington" engraved around circle. Black wooden scabbard with cast metal fittings. Black, gold and red chain connects dagger to scabbard.
This is a fantastic costume dagger for the price!
Blade Length: 10 3/4 Inches
Handle Length: 3.25 Inches
Guard:5.25 Inches Wide
The Avenger: Cross-Pommel Dagger
The Avenger: Cross-Pommel Dagger
Fully Tempered Roman Pugio with Scabbard
Fully Tempered Roman Pugio with Scabbard
Death's Kiss Ornamental Dagger with Contoured Grip
Death's Kiss Ornamental Dagger with Contoured Grip
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Medieval Noble Lord Dagger
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Written on:
January 17, 2018
Just what I asked for
I got this dagger as a Christmas present, and not only did they love it, but they're family also loved it. The box it came in had red foam that looked nice and the collectors card with stats for the dagger was the best thing ever. I had it detailed with his initials,and it looked clean, and super smooth. Thank you.
2 of 2 people found this review helpful.
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