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Pirate Cutlass - Tempered Pirate Saber

  • Beautiful Antiqued Brass Weapon
  • Fully Tempered, High-Carbon Steel Blade
  • Rugged Steel Hilt
  • Leather Sheath with Blackened Brass Hardware
  • One of the Finest Pirate Swords We Sell
  • Models on Sale
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Pirate Cutlass
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Pirate Cutlass, Sharpened
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Side Hanger Baldric - Small to Large
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Sculpted Pirate Face Flintlock Pistol Cast Metal Finish

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There's only one thing a pirate loves more than rum, and that's more rum. Other than rum, a pirate's most prized possession is his sword, and the finer the sword, the more prized that weapon is. This pirate sword is what we like to call a 10-rum-flask sword--the highest rating possible, according to the Pirate's Code. Although, come to think of it, the Pirate's Code is mostly just guidelines, really. So, let's just say this is one of the finest pirate swords Strongblade carries and leave it at that, savvy?

The Pirate Captain's Hanger has a fully tempered, high carbon steel blade. The guard is made from a rugged, blackened steel, with a leather-wrapped, hardwood grip. Comes with a leather scabbard that bears blackened brass accents at the throat and tip.
Materials: Hand-forged, tempered, high-carbon steel.
Overall Length: 32.5 inches
Blade Length:Blade: 26 inches
Blade Width: 1-1/8 inch
Blade Thickness: 3/16 inch
Weight: 2lbs
 Brigantine Officer's Naval Cutlass
Brigantine Officer's Naval Cutlass
The Firedancer - Fully balanced, hand-forged, tempered scimitar
The Firedancer - Fully balanced, hand-forged, tempered scimitar

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Pirate Cutlass
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Written on:
July 23, 2018
Gorgeous, well-made weapon
I purchased this for use in stage combat. It is a beautiful weapon of excellent construction that is going to wow on the stage. It is also balanced as desired for a cutlass (that is distinctly but not excessively blade heavy) so as to not wear out actors/dancer that will be using it. I haven't put it into contact action yet, so I'll update if it doesn't hold up as expected as you never really can be 100% certain about having that perfect balance of hardness and flexibility to make an enduring item until it is well used. But every indication is this will be very solid in every aspect. Provided it has the expected longevity, this will be another bargain from Strong Blade like most of their other functional weapons.
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