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Latex Elf Ears for Costume Use

  • Realistic Latex Elven Ears
  • Attach with Spirit Gum (Sold Separately) or Other Safe Adhesive
  • Re-usable
  • High Quality
  • Get in Touch with Your Inner Elf
  • Models on Sale
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Twilight Ears Painted Light
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Twilight Ears Painted Medium
Accessories - Spirit Gum Adhesive for Attaching Ears
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1/8 Ounce Spirit Gum
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1/2 Ounce Spirit Gum

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They say the key to enlightenment is to get in touch with your inner elf. Or something like that. Anyway, these wicked cool latex elf ears are just the thing for costumes, conventions, LARP or just sitting back, relaxing and blowing smoke-dragons with your pipe-weed.

These ears are made from durable-yet-delicate latex. You can apply them with spirit gum (sold separately) and they will remain fixed in place until you choose to remove them, or until you take a blow to the ear from a massive Overlord Battle Hammer (in which case your entire ear might be at risk).

The ears come in a variety of styles and colors. Pick the one that will allow you to be the elf that you always dreamed of being. But choose wisely, grasshopper. Don't wear high-elf ears to a wild-elf party. That's just ignorant.

Large Elf Ears: These ears are perfect for Wild Elves, Satyrs, Fauns, or, in an interesting twist of irony, Orcs.

High Elf Ears: More of your Elrond sort of classy elf ears. They speak of refinement and grace. Unless you use them as Goblin ears, which many people do. Also great as Fairie Ears.

Twilight Elf Ears: No, these have nothing to do with vampires (Although they would make for an interesting take on vampire ears). These ears are massive, in-your-face fantasy elf ears. The kind you find in anime or high-fantasy or comic books. These come with an underwire system that allows them to be worn upward or outward. These ears definitely make a statement.

Manga Ears: These are your standard anime ears. Great for any anime-style character. They also work well for Wilde Elves, Night Elves, and Lodoss Elves.

High Elf Ears
Size: 3 1/2 " from front to tip.

Animae Ears:
Size: 3 " from front to tip.

Magna Ears:
Size: 10 " from front to tip.

Common to All
Recommended Age: 5 and up.
Made of Costume Grade Latex and powdered with Hypoallergenic Baby Powder
False Elf Ears with Adhesive
False Elf Ears with Adhesive

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