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Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber

or, Luke's Heirloom

This is technically Anakin’s third lightsaber. He built it after his second lightsaber was chopped in half by a droid-factory machine on Geonosis. That lightsaber had been built by Anakin while he was in a “trance,” deep in a cave of the ice planet Ilum. Apparently some sinister presence manifested itself to the young Anakin in that cave and helped him to create the saber. He was quite young at the time, so it’s likely that the “presence” was just a bad-ass imaginary friend of sorts.

There is less known about this particular lightsaber other than the fact that it was the last one Anakin carried before becoming the dread Sith, Darth Vader. He lost this saber to his master, Obi Wan Kenobi on Mustafar. Obi Wan Kenobi, out of spite, gave it to Darth Vader’s son and started talking trash about the Sith lord. Vader got the last laugh, though. He killed Obi Wan and chopped his son’s hand off, sending the lightsaber down into a nearly bottomless abyss on Cloud City. How ya like them apples, Obi?

Lightsabers are probably the oldest of the known sword types. Yes, that's right, oldest. They were, after all, created a long time ago, in a gala... ahem. Well, you get the point (please excuse that last sentence and what was, perhaps, the worst pun ever jotted down onto this website).

As far as the history goes, if you don't know, then I fear it's hopeless. Go rent some movies.

Oh alright, I'll try. Lightsabers are the chosen weapon of the Jedi, a powerful order of knights in the six Star Wars movies created by George Lucas.

The lightsaber consisted of a sturdy hilt with no crossguards and a short beam of laser energy that could cut through almost anything it struck. The beams were created using a focused blast of powerful energy. This energy was focused by a crystal embedded in the hilt of the weapon. The color of this crystal determined the color of the lightsaber's beam (and, occasionally, the sexual orientation of the weilder. Most notably, the pink lightsaber of Russell the Gentle, the slightly gay yet powerful Jedi of Gantoris. Russell the Gentle, in addition to his pink lightsaber, was known for designing most of the outfits for the Jedi and convincing Yoda that "a nice taupe color scheme would be delicious in the council chambers. Oh, and more plants, Yoda baby, more plants.")

The colors of the lightsaber said much about a jedi. Each color had its own symbolism. Anakin Skywalker started his career with a blue lightsaber. When he turned to the Dark Side, he switched to the red blade that only Siths use.
Jedis are supposed to build their own lightsabers when they come of age, and use this lightsaber for the rest of their days, or until someone cut their hand off and the lightsaber was lost, which seemed inevitable for most Jedis at one time or another.

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