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i love the blade (MAELSTORM) im looking forward to having more items from your team....
ill be sher to let my friend know about you guys thank you again.....

your friend,
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Swords- Custom Engraveds Swords, Daggers and More

Gemstones in your sword
Engrave your Saber
We are happy to introduce our new family of miniature Medieval and Roman helmets. Standing between 6 and 8 inches high, these helmets make great decorations for a desk, mantle, book shelf or anywhere else you want to show your love of the warrior spirit. All helmets include a wooden stand and are available with an optional personalized engraving. See the whole family here.


Above all Strongblade is a sword manufacturer and supplier.


Engraveable swords and tankards
Swords and tankards that can be custom engraved.

LARP and Foam

Swords, axes, spears, armor and more for Live Action Role Play.


Tankards Mugs
Tankards, goblets, mugs and steins.


Helmets, chainmail, bracers and greaves.


fantasy gifts
Unicorns, dragons, fairies and other fantasy gifts.


Flintlock Replicas
Flintlock, blunderbuss and pistol replicas.


Masks, elf ears, medieval clothing and other costumes.


Pendants, bracelets, rings, lockets and more.

Ye Old Bargins

Sale and Closeout Items
Sale, Closeout and Scratch and Dent Items

Engraving Gallery

Engraving Gallery
Some of Our Impressive Engravings

Featured Products


Medieval Celtic Dagger

Medieval Celtic Dagger


Flintlock, Sword or Dagger Hangers in Brass

Flintlock, Sword or Dagger Hangers in Brass


Gensteel Elegant High-Carbon Steel Arming Sword and Sheath

Gensteel Elegant High-Carbon Steel Arming Sword and Sheath


Hand Crafted Coustille Sword-Dagger

Hand Crafted Coustille Sword-Dagger


41 Inch Hand Forged Katana with Decorative Tsuba

41 Inch Hand Forged Katana with Decorative Tsuba


High Carbon Steel Celtic Sword with Sheath

High Carbon Steel Celtic Sword with Sheath

Dark Recourse

Short Sword

The short sword was the utilitarian sword of history. Longer and sturdier than a knife, but much easier to weild than a broadsword or battle sword. It is difficult to determine when the short sword made the transition from knife to sword, but the most well known ancient short sword is the Spanish gladius, which was used by roman legionnaires and gladiators alike. In fact, the term gladiator actually comes from gladius.

Early short swords were often carried by spearmen in armies. These warriors would use their spears to keep their enemies at bay, but when the enemy closed to melee range, the spearmen/archers would drop their primary weapon and switch to the short sword, which was surprisingly effective in close combat.

Short swords evolved in europe into smaller versions of arming and battle swords. Longbowmen carried them as their primary melee choice, although if the archers were involved in hand-to-hand fighting, it was usually a sign that your army was in trouble.

Short swords were often elegant and compact enough to be worn by nobles and warriors alike, even outside of combat.

See Strongblade's Dark Recourse

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