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Perfect! I said it before and I'll say it again--You ARE the best! Thanks so much for all your help on this--these are the coolest swords!!!!! ?>

Swords- Custom Engraveds Swords, Daggers and More

Medieval Jewelry
Medieval Jewelry
People in the Middle Ages had a strange sense of fashion. Flowers and hearts, right next to skulls and demons. Um. I guess things don’t change very much. But one thing medieval jewelry has that we don’t is that historical awesomness that says, “I’ve lived through plague, punk.” Have a look at our selection of jaw dropping (sometimes literally) medieval jewelry. And hurry, because we’re do for another plague.


Above all Strongblade is a sword manufacturer and supplier.


Engraveable swords and tankards
Swords and tankards that can be custom engraved.

LARP and Foam

Swords, axes, spears, armor and more for Live Action Role Play.


Tankards Mugs
Tankards, goblets, mugs and steins.


Helmets, chainmail, bracers and greaves.


fantasy gifts
Unicorns, dragons, fairies and other fantasy gifts.


Flintlock Replicas
Flintlock, blunderbuss and pistol replicas.


Masks, elf ears, medieval clothing and other costumes.


Pendants, bracelets, rings, lockets and more.

Ye Old Bargins

Sale and Closeout Items
Sale, Closeout and Scratch and Dent Items

Engraving Gallery

Engraving Gallery
Some of Our Impressive Engravings

Featured Products


Care and Cleaning Kit for Swords, Dagger, Helmets and more

Care and Cleaning Kit for Swords, Dagger, Helmets and more


Pewter Classic Tankard 1 Pint

Pewter Classic Tankard 1 Pint


Assassin's Creed II Ezio Red Sash Belt

Assassin's Creed II Ezio Red Sash Belt


Non-commissioned Officer's(NCO) Sword  - Civil War  Replica

Non-commissioned Officer's(NCO) Sword - Civil War Replica


Deathbringer: Hand-and-a-Half Mercenary Sword

Deathbringer: Hand-and-a-Half Mercenary Sword


Roman Gladius Vesparum: Wasp-waisted Roman Gladius

Roman Gladius Vesparum: Wasp-waisted Roman Gladius

Roman Gladius Vesparum

The Roman Gladius has a long and prosperous history. Originally a Spanish weapon, the Romans saw the effectiveness of the sword and quickly adopted it for their own troops.

The gladius was used primarily for stabbing, so it features a fearsome v-shaped tip, great for slipping through the spaces in ribs, or through the cartilage itself if aim was bad or mood particularly grim. The versatile blade could also be used to slash; both edges were sharpened and deadly. The weapon was ideal for the Romans, who used it in formation, with all soldiers drawing their gladius from their right side with their right hand (this bit of conformity kept legionnaires from accidentally dissecting their immediate neighbors). The small gladius were the perfect complement to the huge scutum shields (easy killer, I said Scutum) that the soldiers used in their formations, giving the troops speed and the ability to withdraw the weapon quickly and defend themselves solely with the shield.

Gladiators naturally adopted a (shorter) version of the gladius as one of their primary weapons and, in a burst of wild creativity, were named after their swords. Want some more nutsy creativity? Well, then consider this: Gladius in Latin means .... sword. Are we getting too abstract for you?

The Pompeii Gladius was one of the latest versions. One similar to this one was found in the ruins of the once mighty Roman colony. You'll recall that Pompeii had some volcano problems in 79 B.C. and ended up bundled nicely in the ancient version of packing peanuts. Bad for them, good for archaeologists.

See Strongblade's Roman Gladius Vesparum

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