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OH MY GOD! This sword is the freaking bomb?? I could not be happier! This thing is going to be a major hit! I am so grateful for your customer service! Roger I would like to thank you for your recommendations, and help, patience, and outstanding service! I LOVE this sword??
Merry Christmas,

Mark N. ?>

Swords, Armor, LARP - Personalization is our Specialty

Engraved Lion on a Tankard
Steel is your canvas
This tankard was beautifully engraved with a roaring lion. It was designed by a customer using our website engraving app. Our app allows you to design a custom engraving with text and images from our library of over 1,000 amazing graphics. What would you engrave on a sword or tankard? Visit our engraving gallery so see some of our other awesome customer designed engravings.


Above all Strongblade is a sword manufacturer and supplier.


Engraveable swords and tankards
Swords and tankards that can be custom engraved.

LARP and Foam

Swords, axes, spears, armor and more for Live Action Role Play.


Tankards Mugs
Tankards, goblets, mugs and steins.


Helmets, chainmail, bracers and greaves.


fantasy gifts
Unicorns, dragons, fairies and other fantasy gifts.


Flintlock Replicas
Flintlock, blunderbuss and pistol replicas.


Masks, elf ears, medieval clothing and other costumes.


Pendants, bracelets, rings, lockets and more.

Ye Old Bargins

Sale and Closeout Items
Sale, Closeout and Scratch and Dent Items

Engraving Gallery

Engraving Gallery
Some of Our Impressive Engravings


  • August 2018:Celebrate your ancestry with an engraved flag from the country of your ethnic background. We have just added over 100 flags from different countries around the world. Engrave a sword, dagger or tankard now with a symbol of your ethnic origin.
  • June 2018: We have been working on this a while but we are proud to announce the addition of clip art images to our engaving web app. Now you can add art from our library of over 1,000 images. Create your artwork in steel. It's easy and fun.
  • December 2017: Lots of new inventory of our most popular products have just arrived in time for the holiday season.
  • November 2017: Love dragons? Get your Drag-on! Check out our dragon bookends with custom engraved plate options.
  • October 2017: Upgraded our website search engine with enhanced filtering to help you find the exact product you are looking for.
  • September 2017: What could be cooler than a custom engraved Force FX Lightsabers. Now they are available from Strongblade.
  • August 2017: We have had several customers ask us if we can engrave our axes so we are now offering two axes which can be engraved through our online engraving utility. They are the Double Bladed Battle Axe and the Single Bladed Battle Axe.

Featured Products


Premium Leather Bracers, Hero

Premium Leather Bracers, Hero


LARP Airship Pirate Boarding Axe

LARP Airship Pirate Boarding Axe


Elven Dagger - Unsharpened

Elven Dagger - Unsharpened


Brigantine Pirate Sword

Brigantine Pirate Sword


Richard the Lionheart Dagger

Richard the Lionheart Dagger


Ice, Sword of Eddard Stark

Ice, Sword of Eddard Stark

The Peacemaker - Non-Firing Cowboy Revolver

The Single Action Six-Shooter from Colt was one of the most famous revolvers in the history of revolvers. It wasn't the easiest gun in the world to reload, but at the time, it was probably the most powerful gun around. A favorite among gunslingers, outlaws, marshals and soldiers alike, the gun could make big holes in people and inanimate objects alike. The gun, released by Colt in 1873, was actually so popular that the U.S. Cavalry adopted it as the gun of choice (and a man in Wyoming tried to adopt one in lieu of a son, but the Wyoming Attorney general rules that guns could not be adopted (although they apparently can become your spouse. Ever heard of a shotgun wedding? Okay, so that's not entirely accurate. But then, neither are shotguns). Known as the Single Army Action Revolver after being adopted by the military, this gun has had a long and distinguished history.

Colt, knowing the gun was going to be used by cavalry as well as regular gun owners, put the loading gate and shell ejector on the right side of the gun. This, ostensibly, was to allow a man on horseback to be able to load the gun, using his left hand to hold the gun and reins and his right to load the actual shells into the gun (and using his left foot to scratch his horse behind the ear). The gun was usually not loaded with a full six rounds. One chamber was left empty and lined up with the hammer to keep the gun from accidentally firing a round when it was jolted or dropped.

The gun used a simple technique to fire. You would pull back the hammer to the cocked position (which, in my college days, meant laying back against the couch with mouth half open and an empty bottle of vodka in hand). When the trigger was squeezed, the hammer would lash downwards, striking the expose bullet in one of the chambers of the cylinder. Pulling the trigger creates a single action, the hammer coming down, thus the term single action. Squeezing the trigger on more modern pistols and revolvers causes the hammer to draw back and then snap forward again, making them double-action pistols.

Owners of the these single action six shooters varied, but a common theme among those who could afford it was engraving or other customization. There are tens of thousands of engraved Colt six-shooters in circulation, each customized to their owner's particular preference.

See Strongblade's The Peacemaker - Non-Firing Cowboy Revolver